Every design starts with pencil to paper, imagining the placement of threads and fabrics. Once finalized, the drawing is scanned into the computer to use as a backdrop for digitizing. Natalia uses a specialized software to painstakingly place each stitch, one at a time, until the entire artwork is complete.

Color stories start to take shape amidst a mess of silky and and metallic threads. Wading through cascades of fine linens and vintage silk fabrics, many combinations of materials are tested before finally deciding on perfect a color way that is both harmonious and unexpected.

The linen fabric is hooped, thread is fed through the machine and the embroidery process begins. The meticulous hand work of silk appliqué with metallic thread is time consuming and requires precision. The machine mesmerizes as the initial hand drawn artwork materializes into stitches.

One by one, each cushion cut by hand and stitched up with care in our Philadelphia Studio. A luxury overstuffed 50% goose down, 50% small feather insert completes each piece.

Once assembled, the completed cushion is carefully packaged and shipped for you to cherish.