A 100% natural fiber, linen has a relaxed feel and natural beauty. Over time the fabric softens with use, and this quality is enhanced through washing.  If you appreciate the way linen softens, then machine care will work for you. If you prefer to maintain that brand new crisp quality, we suggest dry cleaning or spot cleaning.



A few of the popular detergents that will work best are: All Powder, Allens Naturally, Cheer, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers and Woolite. Do not use bleach or detergents that have any bleach additives in them as it will break down and fade the fabric. Do not use a detergent that contains any dye as it may stain the fabric. The following washing instructions must be respected in order to maintain the quality of your piece.

MACHINE WASHING: Turn pillows inside out and place in a dedicates bag (like these) prior to putting them in the machine. Wash cold up to 45°F with one of the mild detergents listed above.
HAND WASHING:  in cool to lukewarm water with one of the mild detergents listed above.
DRY CLEANING: will best maintain the original look of your piece.



-Natural fibers tend to wrinkle easily because they do not have the artificial elastic properties of synthetic materials.-Linen naturally dries quickly so use the spin cycle and dry flat.

-Never tumble-dry as this will over-dry the linen and silk fibers and makes ironing more difficult. The heat of tumble drying will also seriously harm the metallic thread.


- After drying, wrinkles will easily iron out on a steam setting or when lightly sprayed with water. Always iron linen when damp. If the linen has already dried before ironing, use a water spray bottle to re-dampen it, especially on creases of wrinkled areas. A good steam iron set to the linen setting will work best.

-Always iron your piece inside out as a hot iron will seriously damage the metallic embroidery thread. If you must iron your piece on the right side, take extra care to iron around the embroidery motif and not directly on top of it.


-Whenever possible, store linen articles without folding. and in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid color fade.


- Fresh stains are much easier to remove than old ones, so take care of stains promptly.

- Blot up any excess liquid with a clean white cloth, or  paper towel.

- Avoid rubbing the stained area with a linty terrycloth towel to keep fabric pilling to a minimum. Using a flat cloth, first dab at the stain with a bit of water. If it does not come out completely, add a tiny bit of OBA free detergent and dab at the spot, repeating the process until the stain is removed.

- Never rub a fresh stain with bar soap. Soap sets many stains